Work With The Treasured

Interested in working with The Treasured? Whether you're a blogger, designer/maker or press, I've popped some information on how you can work with me below, including what I'm looking for. 

The Treasured is a one woman band, so unfortunately I can't respond to every email that I receive. I do read each and every one though and will be sure to get in touch in if it's an opportunity I think that The Treasured can be a part of. 


Despite having a very small budget, I love bloggers and try to work with them as much as possible. As fab as it would be to collaborate with every one of you, unfortunately it's just not possible to work with every blogger that gets in touch. Here are some key things to think about before you get in touch...

  • Is your blog style a good fit with The Treasured's aesthetic? 
  • Do you love my products enough to buy one of them? (I'm not asking you to prove this, but I do want to work with bloggers that are truly passionate about our products.)
  • How do you think we could work together and what do you hope to achieve from it?

If you think we'd be a good match, please email me at


If you're interested in featuring any of The Treasured's products, please email for high-res imagery and with any questions you may have.


I am not currently looking to stock any new designers/makers, but please keep an eye on this page as that may change in future.