You Can Do It Pins Have Arrived!

You Can Do It Pins Have Arrived!

You Can Do It Positive Enamel Hand Pin

I'm well and truly feeling the mid-week slump today. Probably because I have a 12-hour shift at my day job. Thankfully, my You Can Do It pins have arrived to give me a little boost. 

This is my third enamel pin that's been funded by Kickstarter and the excitement that people like my designs enough to pledge for them is still going strong! This orange and gold pin was inspired by The Waterboy movie. ("You can do eeet!")

As someone that's suffered from anxiety, spreading a little joy and positive reminders is really important to me. If these little pins can give just one person a little boost, they'll be totally worth it.

If you didn't pledge for one, you can buy yours from my shop.