The Treasured's Story

The Treasured's Story

I'm sure you've all been losing sleep not knowing how The Treasured came about. My name is Laura. As it's March Meet the Maker, I thought it was time to share...

I moved from Staffordshire to East Yorkshire (love made me do it) and was working at a marketing agency in Leeds. In amongst all of the strategy planning, I was becoming more and more anxious and felt like I'd lost my creativity and so decided to create my own online shop.

The Treasured started life four years ago full of other people's designs before I rediscovered my creative side and decided to put on my big girl pants, be brave and share some pieces with the world... And here we are.

My shop is very small, as I still work full-time in marketing and so don't actually have much time to market myself frustratingly, but it's mine. I won't call it a side hustle, because hustle sounds so stressful and The Treasured is my escape. It makes me smile when people like / comment and I do a happy dance each time someone purchases something.

If I'm honest, I'm currently trying to work out where to go with it now. Please do share what you'd like to see in the comments. Stationery, pins, prints, jewellery... You name it and I'll see what I can do!

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