Meet the Maker: Red Fox Design

Meet the Maker: Red Fox Design

From cute cats to delicate deers, Red Fox Design cards, notebooks, prints and pocket mirrors are now available from The Treasured. Get to know Cara, the lady behind the wonderful illustrations and watercolours...

How Was Red Fox Design Born?

I have always been an artist, constantly trying out lots of different methods and ideas, but it was a couple of years ago when we had a shop in Dublin that we got started with Red Fox Design.

Our shop was full of wonderful gifts and homewares, a bit like an Alladin's cave! We sourced our lines from all over the world and it was so inspiring to me to see all of the beautiful products and the different ways in which they were created. It made me want to start creating myself.

We also had lots of different cards in the shop but we found that we could never really find exactly what we wanted, so we thought 'why not do it ourselves?!' We started with one design, then two, then all of a sudden I had so many ideas for new designs buzzing around in my head... Red Fox Design was born!

Red Fox Design Hello Deer Blue Print

What inspires your designs?

I find myself inspired by almost everything, especially since I started designing products. I can see something inspiring and get a great idea from the most mundane and everyday things! We live on the Scottish coast, which inspires me all the time, and I adore flipping through vintage interiors magazines, books and drooling over Etsy.

Red Fox Design Cat
Red Fox Design's Cat Peanut

Our designs feature a lot of cats, animals and a ridiculous amount of puns! I am inspired by our two pet kitties, Peanut and Sox, every single day! They have such different personalities and mannerisms and do all things of funny things! And yes, I have been called a crazy cat girl on occasion, hence our very popular crazy cat girl design!

Red Fox Design Crazy Cat Girl Notebook

How do you make sure that your studio is an inspiring place to work?

I have an obsession with cute stationery, so I surround myself with it! I have little gallery walls with cards, prints and postcards by other designers that I love and admire. I have to admit one or two of our own designs are hanging up there too.

I like to keep it nice and bright with lots of pretty colours, interesting objects and textures. I don't want it just to be like any old office, it has to be somewhere that inspires me every day. A place that's like home and a pleasure to be in. I am also a total flower nut. I must have pretty flowers everywhere, which drives James mad sometimes!

Red Fox Design Studio
Red Fox Design's Studio

What do you love most about running your own creative business?

I love that it's completely different every day. It's never boring and there's such a strong drive and desire to succeed when it's your own products and designs that you are dealing with. 

Of course, you will always strive for the best no matter what you are doing but it's just so fulfilling when you get a call or an email from a new shop or business enquiring about stocking your designs. It's a thrill to know that somebody else loves and believes in your designs and knows that their customers will too.

The proudest moment for us is seeing our designs on the shelves or websites of our wonderful stockists. It's very exciting!

Red Fox Design Foxy Watercolour Painting
Red Fox Design Foxy Watercolour

What's the most challenging thing about it?

Trying to separate work from life and keep a good work/life balance. Especially when you are starting out there is always so much to do. Between coming up with new designs, creating products, managing the website and all the social media, it's difficult to know when to switch off. It's important to get used to giving yourself a little break, relaxing and doing other things you enjoy.

Are there any other creative businesses that you look up to?

So many, I couldn't possibly list them all! I have a particular fondness for cute stationery and Rifle Paper Co. are one of my all time favourites. I just love their designs, they are simple but beautiful. They also have a fantastic online presence.

I also want just about everything on The Treasured! It's a wonderful collection of makers. It makes me really proud to see our designs alongside the likes of the wonderful JillyJilly, The Make Arcade, Old English Company and Pygmy Cloud to name a few. I really look up to their individual style and processes.

What's next for Red Fox Design?

We have lots of things going on at the moment. We currently have lots of our designs in a pop up shop in Edinburgh, so we are there a few days a week. We have lots of markets coming up and we are working on a new range of mugs and tote bags. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and Instagram for updates.

If you could give aspiring creatives one top tip what would it be?

Be confident in yourself and your designs. And have patience, good things will happen!

Other than your designs, which product on The Treasured is your favourite?

I guess if I really had to choose it would be the Pygmy Cloud Desk Tidy. It's too cute for words and i could always do with something to make my desk a little tidier.

Pygmy Cloud Desk Tidy

Pygmy Cloud Desk Tidy / Mini Tray

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