The Treasured Kickstarter Project for Rabbit Enamel Pins and Notebooks

Kickstarting New Spring Products

As we edge closer to spring, I've been focusing on new products and I need your help! After weeks of sketches and digital editing, I have taken the plunge and launched a new Kickstarter project to create rabbit enamel pins and notebooks

My first Kickstarter campaign tested my nerves, but I was so pleased when my 'Let It Snow' pins arrived that I promptly forgot the anxiety I felt in the time that it took to reach my target. Needless to say, that anxiety is back. Yay! 😒 I'm crossing my fingers that it will be worth it though and that people like my little rabbits enough to pledge so that I can get my bunny pins and notebooks made.

Hard Enamel Rabbit Pins

This time, the enamel pins I've designed are made from hard enamel, meaning they will be extra durable and will feature a smooth flat surface. What's more, we'll be using a gold metal plating. (Fancy, eh?)

The Treasured Kickstarter Hard Enamel Bunny Rabbit Pin

Rabbit Notebooks

For an extra dose of cuteness, I've used that little bunny rabbit shape to create a pattern for my first ever notebook design. If you follow me on social media, this probably won't come as a surprise as I love stationery. There's just something so satisfying about starting a new notebook. 

Featuring a repeat pattern in white on a pink background, the notebooks will look something like the mock-up below! The cover will be made from smooth 300gsm board and each notebook will have 48 lined inner pages, which will be made from 80gsm off-white recycled paper, and a stapled spine. They'll be really handy if, like me, you make a list every five minutes.

The Treasured Rabbit Notebook Mock-Up

How can you help?

I would love your support, so please do pledge to my Kickstarter campaign if you can. I'm offering rewards from £4 for early birds, but you can pledge any amount you like without a reward too. 

Can't afford to make a pledge? That's ok, I know not everyone will be able to. These cuties won't get made if I don't hit my target of £400, so please show your support on social media instead. Like my posts, leave me a comment and share with your friends too so I can get the message out there. You can find The Treasured on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Once you've done all that, please cross your fingers! I have until Thursday 15th February at 10pm to hit my target. My boyfriend is going to have the best Valentine's Day ever with me biting my nails watching those pledges... Oops.


Update: I'm over the moon to say my Kickstarter was fully funded and the bunny pins and notebooks are here! Woo hoo.