Festive Glitter Enamel Pin Kickstarter Campaign Design

Kickstarting My First Enamel Pin Design

I've been playing around with the idea of designing a range of enamel pins for a while now, but they are not cheap. Most manufacturers have minimum order quantities of 100 pins, costing £200 and upwards (depending on your specification) to produce. Of course, you could then also end up with 100 pins that nobody wants to buy. 

Still, I didn't give up on the idea and came up with my first pin - these glittery white 'Let It Snow' pins, perfect for the festive season! Each of the pins will (hopefully) be made from shiny silver nickel, with a glittery white soft enamel and packaged on a white backing card covered in snowflakes.

Let It Snow Pin Details

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The big question though, was how would I fund the stock? After mulling it over and asking lots of creative friends for advice, it seemed like Kickstarter was the way to go. If people back the project, they get a wonderful glittery pin for Christmas, if not then nothing's lost. (You know, apart from my faith in my own design ability...)

So, I took a leap of faith yesterday and launched my very first Kickstarter project. It was nerve-wracking. I spent a long time designing the pin and its packaging and putting together the campaign and reward options. I was petrified that nobody would like it and that I'd have put myself out there just to look like a bit of a fool when I fell flat on my face.

To say I was over the moon to have my first pledge within 30 minutes is an understatement. In my first day, I checked my project about a zillion times and was over the moon to see it zoom up to 40% of my target. However, I've got a long way to go yet. I've already bored everyone on social media so much they probably won't talk to me again and I'm still 60% away from my target.

Still, I have my fingers crossed that the project will take off and I would be so excited to have your support to get these shiny snowflakes made! If you like them, please do pledge on my Kickstarter project page, or if that's not financially possible then please share with your friends. I'll love you forever!

Let It Snow Enamel Pin on Backing Card
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